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Deputy Secretary-General Cao Zijuan Met with the CEO of International Capital Market Association (ICMA)


On the afternoon of April 12, Deputy-Secretary General Cao Zijuan met with Martin Scheck, the CEO of International Capital Market Association (ICMA) and his delegation.



Ms. Cao Zijuan Holds Talks with Mr. Martin Scheck


During the meeting, Ms. Cao extended her welcome to Martin Scheck and his delegation. Each side first introduced its previous work for implementing the policy and outcome of the seventh China-UK Economic and Financial Dialogue and the working priorities in the near term. Ms. Cao said that the mutual cooperation between NAFMII and ICMA in 2015 were well received among members from both sides. And she hopes that exchanges and communication among two associations' members can be further promoted so as to meet their need of information sharing and cooperation platform building. Mr. Scheck fully recognized the previous achievement of both parties, and expressed confidence on broader cooperation between ICMA and NAFMII in various areas of financial market. Both parties agreed to further enhance exchanges, build consensus and promote two sides' cooperation to a higher level.