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I.        To formulate self-regulatory rules, business standards and professional ethics and to supervise over their implementation;

II.       To protect the legitimate rights and interests of NAFMII members and represent them to raise concerns, proposals and requests they encountered during their business operations to related authorities and  legislatures. 

III.      To educate members and enhance their awareness to obey relevant State laws and regulations as well as guidelines, norms and rules promulgated by the Association; to supervise and examine members’ practices and to penalize those who violated NAFMII Constitution and self-regulatory rules in a bid to maintain market order.

IV.     To mediate disputes between NAFMII members and between its members and customers;

V.      To organize continuing education and business training programs for practitioners to improve their business skills and vocational capabilities.

VI.     To organize researches and exchanges among NAFMII members; to initiate and manage the research and development of new products that are demanded by members, suitable to the characteristics of the inter-bank market and in accordance with relevant State stipulations to promote standardized business operation and business management.

VII.    To collect, prepare and publish relevant market data and information to serve NAFMII members;

VIII.   To conduct studies on issues related to market development, offer NAFMII members suggestions on business expansion and provide ideas for market development to relevant supervisory authorities.

IX.     To carry out other works aimed at fulfilling the Association’s purpose;

X.      To undertake other duties and responsibilities bestowed by the Congress of NAFMII and those delegated by the PBOC.